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it’s always exciting to make new discoveries in a city that you’ve visited many times.

i never knew about the atelier brancusi, located in front of the centre pompidou in paris, until i read about it on heather clawson’s lifestyle blog, habitually chic.  the atelier brancusi, a reconstruction of the art studio of constantin brancusi (1876-1957), contains a permanent exhibition of his sculptures.

atelier brancusi | place georges-pompidou (rue rambuteau side) | 75004 paris, france

wednesday-monday 2-6 pm | closed tuesday and 1 may

free entrance

photo credit rpbw

the reconstruction, designed by renzo piano building works (rpbw), reproduces the layout, volume, and light of brancusi’s
art studio, which was located in the 15th arrondissement, near montparnasse.  renzo piano designed the building as a pavilion.  inside, the glass walls that enclose the four room studio create space to circulate around the perimeter of the pavilion.

renzo piano building works | atelier brancusi reconstruction | 1992-1996

photo credit rpbw

brancusi was so preoccupied by the relationship between his sculptures and the surrounding space, that he bequeathed the contents of his studio to the french government under the conditions that his studio would be reconstructed, and reinstalled in its entirety.

photo credits center pompidou

studio 1

brancusi’s exhibition studio

studio 2

brancusi’s second exhibition studio

studio 3

brancusi’s private quarters, where he lived and worked

studio 4

 brancusi’s storage area

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspac

 do you think that the reconstruction recaptures the essence of the original?

 constantin brancusi’s studio | 11, impasse ronsin | 75015 paris, france | 1929

photo credit centre pompidou

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