california | south vs. north

on tuesday, i flew from oakland to los angeles for the day to do some product research for one of my interior design projects in the la cienega design quarter (lcdq).

LA can be so amusing.

the location:
the christian louboutin shoe boutique on robertson blvd., between melrose ave. and santa monica blvd. (where i took a quick detour on my way to lunch…)

the characters:

the customer, who had just taken off her (rather worn) yellow toms espadrilles to try on some (sky-high) louboutins

the (very west hollywood) shoe salesman

and me

the dialogue:

customer:  ‘isn’t there anything any higher?’

shoe salesman:  ‘those are 140 [mm].  the highest [that we have in stock] are lady peep, which are 150 [mm].’

me (thinking to myself): ‘how LA!  5 1/2 inch heels aren’t high enough if you can have 6!’


what the customer was wearing:

toms | yellow canvas classic espadrilles

photo credit toms

what the customer was trying on:

christian louboutin black patent double platform peep toe pumps

altadama | 140 mm high

lady peep | 150 mm high

photo credits christian louboutin

cut to:

joan’s on third, where i am seated at a sidewalk table, eating a salad.

a writer-to-be, his companion, and a prominently displayed copy of the dramatic writer’s companion occupy an adjacent table.

1384851590582229392 9780226172545
photo credits joan’s on third and university of chicago press

we are interrupted by the commotion on the sidewalk as another customer makes a dramatic exit from the restaurant.

by falling off her (mile-high) platform wedge sandals.

christian louboutin | platform wedge espadrille sandals

almeria | 120 mm high

photo credit christian louboutin

of course, i’m wearing my flattest, most comfortable ‘capri sandals’ that i purchased at sergio rossi while on holiday in capri several years ago.  very practical for walking around the lcdq.

can you think of a better way to explain the difference between southern and northern california?

which do you prefer?

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