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forte dei marmi, italy is the most beautiful beach resort that my husband, bob, and i have ever visited.  especially, if you love to walk on the beach like we do.

we enjoy the beach so much that forte dei marmi has become one of our favorite italian holiday destinations.

hotel principe forte dei marmi | viale morin, 67 | forte dei marmi, italy

forte dei marmi is located on the italian riviera, in lucca province, in the versilia region of tuscany, about 120 km (75 mi) west of florence

unlike american resorts, the coast is lined with beach clubs instead of hotels.  so, the hotel principe forte dei marmi is located two blocks inland.

you can either walk or ride a bicycle to the beach.  or, along the paved paths that run parallel to the beach.  or, into the town center.

blue bicycles | hotel principe forte dei marmi | forte dei marmi, italy

different hotels have different colored bicycles

the beach seems endless.  about 26 km (16 mi) long, running continuously between the towns of viareggio (to the south) and marina di carrara (to the north).

you can walk for miles and miles along the beach, which lined with beach club, after beach club, after beach club…  the beach is easy to walk on because the gradient is gradual, and the sand is compacted.

forte dei marmi is frequently referred to as ‘the hamptons of italy’.  it is quite crowded during the peak season of july and august.  so, we prefer to visit during september.  the weather is still warm.  and, it is much less crowded.  and, much more relaxing.

bagno dalmazia | affiliated with the hotel principe forte dei marmi | forte dei marmi, italy

‘our’ beach club

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

do you think that the ‘architect’ of this sand castle visited the vatican in rome enroute to forte dei marmi?

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