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the san francisco design district is changing.  the san francisco design center (sfdc) is consolidating.  jackson square is diversifying.  contemporary design showrooms and clothing retailers are opening.  while, some antiques dealers or art galleries are consolidating, relocating, or closing.  sacramento street is evolving as a leading design destination.

on 1 march 2017, de gournay opened their gorgeous new showroom on sacramento street.  when i lived in london, i loved visiting the de gournay showroom in old church street en route to my favorite fulham road antiques dealers.  so, i am delighted to welcome de gournay to san francisco.

de gournay is best known for their hand-painted chinoiserie wallpaper.  their artisans are artists.  so, de gournay wallpaper could be considered a work of art.

de gournay | amazonia wallpaper | on blue painted xuan paper

de gournay showroom | 3691A sacramento street | san francisco, CA

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace and brad knipstein via de gournay

de gournay | wisteria wallpaper | on mica metallic xuan paper

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace and georgetti spa via de gournay

de gournay | plum blossom wallpaper | on tarnished silver gilded paper

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace and marie-caroline lucat via de gournay

de gournay | a thousand li of rivers and mountains wallpaper | on bleached white dyed silk

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace and de gournay

one of my prospective interior design clients hopes to create a ‘more elegant’ home.  so, as part of the initial consultation process, we’re beginning to define what ‘elegant’ means to them.

would you describe de gournay wallpaper as elegant?

‘arguably the greatest example of early ming blue and white porcelain in private hands.’

sold for US$29.5 million.

the second-highest price paid at auction for ming dynasty (1368-1644) porcelain.

an exceptionally large, fine, and important blue and white lobed ‘fish pond’ bowl | mark and period of xuande (r. 1425-1435)

sold to an asian private collector for US$29.5 million | sotheby’s hong kong | 5 april 2017 | sale HK0766 | lot 101

now on loan to the long museum, shanghai, china, for an upcoming exhibition that opens on 28 april 2017

photo credits sotheby’s

when my husband, bob, and i lived in london, i had the pleasure of meeting many brilliant scholars while i was completing my post graduate studies and masters degree in asian art at the british museum and the school of oriental and african studies (soas) at the university of london.

regina krahl, an brilliant chinese ceramics scholar, wrote ‘fishes in the imperial pond’, the essay in the sotheby’s catalog.

she described the bowl as:

‘…unrivaled in its design, its painting quality, shape and size…’

the ‘fish swimming in a lotus pond’ design is inextricably associated with daoist literature.  in ‘the pleasures of fishes’, a famous passage from the 4th century BC daoist classic zhuangzi, fish are associated with freedom of expression because they swim wherever they choose.

if you had the freedom to buy whatever you choose, would you pay an unprecedented price for an object of unrivaled quality?