christian louboutin | shoes are shapes

i have to admit to being the fortunate owner of a few (okay, pretty many) pairs of christian louboutin shoes.  my taste in shoes parallels my taste in furniture.  simple, classic, yet modern designs.  silhouette pieces.

christian louboutin | simple pumps 70mm

christian louboutin | ron ron zeppa 85mm

photo credits christian louboutin

‘a shoe is a shape,  first and foremost:

if its structure is good, it can be enriched with all manner of details,

a house is the same.’

-christian louboutin

christian louboutin

photo credit showstudio

christian louboutin is renovating his house in paris.  as part of the renovation, he is installing pyramid shaped skylights that were inspired by the silhouette of parisian rooftops.  the pyramid skylights that enrich the structure of his house could be compared to the spikes that enhance the shape of his shoes.  a trend setting, yet classic detail.

spikes also enhance the shape of jonathan browning’s anjou table.  it seems that shoe shapes and furniture silhouettes are actually quite similar.

pyramid skylights

christian louboutin renovating his house in paris

jonathan browning | anjou cocktail table

christian louboutin | fifi spikes 120mm

photo credits todd selby | jonathan browning | christian louboutin
compare the similarities between the silhouettes of christian louboutin shoes and holly hunt furniture.
bana 140|red patent|cl

holly hunt | peso side table

holly hunt | peso side tables

christian louboutin | bana 140 mm

photo credits holly hunt | christian louboutin

between christian louboutin and cappellini.

nendo|cappellini|ribbon taboret

nendo for cappellini | ribbon stools

nendo for cappellini | ribbon stool

christian louboutin | june 100 mm

photo credits cappellini | nendo | christian louboutin

india madhavi bishop stools | hyde park townhouse | london, united kingdom | interior design by shh

india madhavi | bishop stools

christian louboutin | flo 120 mm

photo credits shh | india madhavi | christian louboutin

do you think that the similarities are striking?

click here to read the selby’s 15 january 2013 interview with christian louboutin, which includes photographs of his house and studio in paris.

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