during our recent venetian vacation, i took a few detours to research chandeliers for one of my current interior design projects.

my client and i are considering a juxtaposition of old and new.  like the combination of art and architecture at the punta della dogana, the former 17th century customs house that is now a françois pinault foundation contemporary art museum.

punta della dogana 1

punta della dogana 2punta della dogana 3

slip of the tongue | punta della dogana | 2015 venice art biennale-collateral event | 12 april 2015-10 january 2016 | venice, italy

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

we could also consider a vintage chandelier in the right size.

us 1us 2

joan jonas | they come to us without a word | united states pavilion | 2015 venice art biennale-giardini | 9 may-22 november 2015 | venice, italy

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

probably nothing too industrial.


arsenale 1arsenale 2

qiu zhijie | jingling chronicle theater project, 2010-2015 | 2015 venice art biennale-arsenale | 9 may-22 november 2015 | venice, italy

photo credits christian sinibaldi/the guardian, lisa walsh | innerspace, and lisa walsh | innerspace

since this is a renovation project, we have some size constraints. so, a custom contemporary chandelier might be the best solution.

one day, my husband, bob, and i took the vaporetto to murano for private tours of the barovier & toso glass museum and the seguso* factory.  after visiting the factory, i had the pleasure of working in the showroom with gianandrea seguso.  so now, my client and i are considering collaborating with him on a custom chandelier.



seguso | ballerina chandelier | cold tone with LED lights | PS2/7.39

photo credits seguso

we also had the honor of meeting his father, poet and glass artist giampaolo seguso, in his studio.

my page is glass

my beech

giampaolo seguso | my page is glass

giampaolo seguso | my beech | poem engraved on murano glass

photos credits my page is glass by giampaolo seguso

my beech

‘my beech is becoming

even bigger;

showing off his bark

so rich with etchings, markings, tones

and shadings;

he becomes the desired backdrop

for thoughts, songs

and emotions.

further on, in time,

when stately grown

all at once the bark

will break

unable to contain

all that light

has told,

season upon season.

so the perfume of the soul

will emerge, mild and

vigorous, pure

on the carpet of leaves

and these,

blown by the wind,

broken by feet,

rotting at the roots

will sing to the world

the song of light.’

-giampaolo seguso

*if you are an interior designer, you may already know that seguso produces lighting and accessories for the donghia showrooms.

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