david hockney: a bigger exhibition

do you dream in technicolor or in black & white?

if you are like artist david hockney, then the answer is both.

david hockney:  a bigger exhibition, is showing at the de young museum in san francisco, CA from 26 october 2013-20 january 2014.

the exhibition is enormous.  it features over 300 works, shown in 18,000 square feet of gallery space, making it the biggest exhibition in the history of the de young museum.  even bigger than david hockney RA:  a bigger picture, where i first saw hockney’s technicolor landscape paintings at the royal academy of arts in london during 2012.  the san francisco show includes many of the paintings from a bigger picture.

david hockney | the arrival of spring in woldgate, east yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven) – 2 january | one of 52 iPad drawings printed on paper | 2011

david hockney RA: a bigger picture | 21 jan-9 apr 2012 | royal academy of arts | london, united kingdom

photo credit the royal academy of arts | (c) david hockney

but, the san francisco show also includes new work, which has never been exhibited or published before.

since a bigger picture, hockney suffered a stroke, lost a studio assistant, and relocated to his los angeles, CA studio.  during his recovery, he began drawing with charcoal on paper.  during this period, hockney revisited many of the locations from the arrival of spring in woldgate, east yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven), a series of 52 iPad drawings.  the arrival of spring in 2013, a series of 25 charcoal drawings, will be showcased in one gallery of the de young museum during the exhibition.

hockney’s charcoal drawings have been described as more detailed, and more defined than his previous work.

‘i’m very proud of them, actually, very proud. i think it’s one of my great works, this, the 25 drawings.’

-david hockney

david hockney | woldgate, 6-7 february | from the arrival of spring in 2013 (twenty thirteen) | charcoal on paper | 2013

david hockney: a bigger exhibition | 26 oct 2013-20 jan 2014 | de young museum | san francisco, CA

photo credit richard schmidt | (c) 2013 david hockney

during his recovery, hockney also began drawing charcoal portraits of colleagues, friends, and family members.  hockney prefers drawing people that he knows.

‘if you know them well, you’ve got different memories of them…we all see with memory, don’t we?’

-david hockney

his most recent portraits are painted with acrylic paint in swimming pool colors.  since hockney has not worked in acrylic paint for over 20 years, to him, it seems like a new medium.  in addition to approximately 40 recent charcoal drawings, the de young exhibition also features 14 recent acrylic portraits.

david hockney in his los angeles, CA studio with works from his upcoming exhibition at the de young museum in san francisco, CA

photo credit financial times

during 2012-2013, david hockney RA:  a bigger picture attracted over 600,000 visitors in london.  and, a combined total of 1.2 million visitors at the royal academy in london, the guggenheim museum in bilbao, spain, and the museum ludwig in cologne, germany.

could the san francisco show be a bigger exhibition?

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