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you may think of jean prouvé (1901-1984) as a mid-century french furniture designer.  the standard chair, which he designed during the 1930’s, is a modern classic that is now produced by vitra.

jean prouvé | standard chair | circa 1950 | laffanour galerie downtown/paris | paris, france

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for the standard chair, prouvé designed a metal frame, with tubular front legs and tailfin shaped back legs.  he fabricated the hollow frame from sheets of steel, a thin but strong material that is commonly used in the automobile industry.

you may also know that jean prouvé was an architect.  he believed that:

‘in their construction there is no difference between furniture and buildings.’ 

-jean prouvé

both the furniture and the buildings that he designed used similar construction systems.  as a result, both could be easily modified, moved, or dismantled.

jean prouvé | deconstructed standard chair | circa 1950

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two of prouvé’s demountable buildings were exhibited at design miami and design miami/basel in 2013 and 2014 by paris dealer, galerie patrick seguinfrom 27 february-4 april 2015, galerie patrick seguin is exhibiting two more in collaboration with gagosian gallery in new york.  at gagosian, both buildings are surrounded by and filled with john chamberlain (1927-2011) sculptures.  chamberlain’s sculptures are constructed from salvaged automobile parts.  tailfins, fenders, and hoods that he bent, crushed, twisted, welded, and painted.

‘the mangle is the message.’  

-john chamberlain

john chamberlain | constantpunchline | 2008

photo credit lisa walsh | innerspace

do you think that the demountable structures and the mangled metal sculptures are a dynamic juxtaposition?

jean prouvé | demountable house portal frames

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

jean prouvé | model | demountable offices for ferembal | nancy, france | 1948

bent steel frame with five axial portal frames set on a pressed steel floor

held together by ridge beams, which support the purlins and aluminum roofing slabs

facade constructed of prefabricated double sided wood panels, which slot together interchangeably

structure rescued from the demolition of the fermebal site in 1983

adapted by french architect, jean nouvel

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

john chamberlain | euphoriainahat | 2010

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

john chamberlain | cloudedleoparoexpresso | 2010

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

john chamberlain | magnesium revolt | 1977

photo credit lisa walsh | innerspace

john chamberlain | battsy beeker | 1983

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

john chamberlain | dhuha ditty | 1983

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

jean prouvé | model | temporary school of villejuif | paris, france | 1956

constructed from prefabricated components

sheet steel props support the curved, cantilevered, laminated wood roof

facade constructed of glazed panels divided by sheet steel sections that act as stiffeners and provide ventilation

after the school was dismounted, the components were reused in other buildings

photo credits lisa  walsh | innerspace

john chamberlain | entirelyfearless | 2009

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

john chamberlain | tasteylingus | 2010

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

 from 18-21 june 2015, another jean prouvé demountable house will be exhibited at art | basel.

jean prouvé | model | 6×6 demountable house | 1944

original structure with the addition of modern living facilities modern additions include external bathroom and kitchen pods

and, a series of service trolleys that provide hot water and solar electricity
adapted by british architect, richard rogers | rogers stirk harbor + partners

photo credits lisa walsh | innerspace

27 february-4 april 2015

chamberlain | prouve

gagosian gallery

555 west 24th street

new york, NY 10011

tuesday-saturday 10 am-6 pm

18-21 june 2015

art | basel

messeplatz 10

4005 basel, switzerland

11 am-7pm

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