$37.7 million northern song dynasty brush washer

sold for US$37.7 million.

a northern song dynasty (960-1127) ru guanyao brush washer.

the most expensive piece of chinese ceramics ever sold at auction.

a highly important and extremely rare ru guanyao brush washer | northern song dynasty (960-1127)

sold for 294,287,500 HKD (US$37.7 million) | song-important chinese ceramics from the le cong tang collection | sotheby’s hong kong | 3 october 2017 | sale HK0747  | lot 5

photo credits sotheby’s

ru ware is the rarest type of chinese ceramics.  less than 100 pieces exist.  only four pieces are privately owned.  the remainder are part of museum collections.

13 pieces are part of the percival david collection, which has now been transferred to the british museum, on loan from soas university of london, where i earned my MA in asian art and archaeology, with a specialization in chinese ceramics.

it was my privilege to have direct exposure to this valuable collection under the direction of my academic advisor, dr. stacy pierson, who was then curator of the percival david foundation of chinese art.

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